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    Will Threadripper Loose sales on Game modded Servers.??


      as their are many reasons why thread ripper isnt available to the great masses to get the threadripper yet at release unlesss oem. its most unfortunate to see AMD loose so many sales..


      so, since intel stepped in and basically screwed amd on OEM sales as dell x-51 was originally supposed to be an all AMD ripper. intel felt left out of course. and dell likes to make money too right. so final agreement of intel processors going in AMD's and dell's icon project x-51 alienware. looks like dell wins and intel gets do stick there hot burning processors in x-51 next year which is not the original agreement, but  with amd not releasing the threadripper to general public is not going to look good from what i can see. unless amd is looking for only wealthy people to have use of this cpu for large buisinesses and leave out the private game servers for games such as bf4,bf1,killingfloor2 and many many more.

      i dont think amd realizes just how many private owned game servers are out there dedicating several cores of there own pc to a server with no overhead. these kind game servering people were waiting for this cpu and now dosent look good. this is just 1 aspect of the problem. so many gamers depend on private servers to play all day out of donations to server moded games and now looks like games will be limited to again to how many can play games on a sever multiplayer, what a waiste on amd's part. and this is just a small part of the problem.


      why on earth would amd not want to sell any type of private server a threadripper without going big dollars on a enterprise is beyond me so,  for whatever reason remains unseen. private sector is not going too drop tons of cash on enterprise and thats a guarantee they wouldnt since they depend on small change to run these . looks like moded gamers servers loose out again.

      on the other hand why would amd not want to just allow for sales and not restrict sales which is what will end up happening.  not many enthusiest are going to drop 5k on a personal pc. more lost sales again. and enthusiests are not going to buy a 1700 dollar budget ripper , which is poor judgement on amd again..  dont get me wrong here. i dont think amd has looked at the big picture...


      we understand this cpu is a powerful cpu aimed for large corps . at the same time they forgot sales on the enthusiasts side which is bigger than they may even imagine possible. so, all i can say is owell i feel like we live in a liberal state at this point.  such a shame.


      on the other hand again, will amd release threadripper next year when intel steals some of this oem market. because if they didnt i am sure there not thinking clear at that point.. so sad we have to wait.for this..


      this isnt a hate thread at all .. its just sad to see poor judgement on this. oem sales tactical fail...

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          I believe AMD introduced AMD Ryzen processors, targeting as the professional and high-end market, with their outstanding performance and high price comparing against the entry-level products. But allow me to be frank, I might guess AMD made a little bit mistake, utilising the AM4 socket rather than some other socket exclusively for such processors. I believe AMD Ryzen is good and elegant, but they might find difficulties when persuading the professionals to give up the choices of Intel products in favour of AMD Ryzen, for many obvious reasons, without needing to mention any word.


          AMD, I think it is good time to release AMD Ryzen based APU for the entry level market! AMD, you'd better provide more rooms for potential consumers to evaluate it in the very value way rather than continuously to release the high end AMD Ryzen processors all the time. In my own opinion, AMD Ryzen should need another socket rather than AM4, or else the future AMD Ryzen based APU would be in the way of the future AMD Ryzen processors, at least AMD is not merely a processor only company, it also has its great weapon, AMD Radeon GPGPU products.


          Future AMD Ryzen and future socket for AMD Ryzen should possess the capabilities for the multiple processors configuration, not only Ryzen base Opteron, but also merely AMD Ryzen processors their own. This new multiple processor configuration is provided to expand the number of cores, rather than limited by the SMP platform. Or in other words, multiple processors on the same mobo does not need the same model, same frequency, same number of cores, or same generation; just need they could meet the power supply requirements and same socket.    

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            TL;DR - I'm not sure what your assumptions are based on (this is really hard to read/follow). Are you talking about availability? If so, I could understand seeing a post like this in late September or early October if nothing gets released by then. If I'm not mistaken Ryzen Threadripper releases somewhere in mid August.


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              Not really sure what this post is about, but I do not see dell adding intel in the same way. It's competition. If this headline is true, "AMD’s Flagship Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16 Core Processor Gets Benchmarked – Costs The Same As Core i9-7900X But Up To 30% Faster", then it doesn't matter if dell includes intel or not.


              Also, it's not like AMD can dictate exactly what Dell chooses to sell.

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                I'm not sure what your incoherent rant-with-only-small-letters-which-makes-it-almost-unreadable is about, really, but I don't see mass loss of sales due to poor sales tactics. Dell has certainly paid AMD to get exclusivity in the last five months of this year. It only affects the other big OEM builders, like HP for instance. It does not affect your favorite shop around the corner, which builds their own PCs for sale, and it does not affect home builders either.

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                  Threadripper is not aimed at the enthusiast, it's a HEDT computing CPU for those needing more than a Ryzen CPU, ie; science, engineering, 3D content creation and animators, in other words threadripper is a CPU for professionals that need a personal supercomputer at their fingertips. Threadripper is NOT a CPU marketed at gamers or even enthusiasts, however you look at it Threadripper is a going to prove itself in the fields of many scientific, engineering and mathematic disciplines and I for one will say good bye to the underpowered workstations and underutilized servers of the past.

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                    I'm not really sure what's being stated here. Threadripper is targeted at prosumers, content creators and others who can benefit from a baffling number of threads. The CPU will be available to anyone who wants to purchase it. I'm not really sure if corporations are going to be that interested in the processor because they don't rely on a workstation, they rely on dedicated render farms and the such. Will we see it in the hands of business? Sure will, more along the line of private machine shops and other smaller firms.


                    Wait for TR to release. There's been a HUGE stock of the Ryzen CPUs so we already know that yields are awesome. They will be available to anyone who wants them. I highly doubt we're going to see a shortage.