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Code 43 for months now. I have to rollback just to have it work again.

Question asked by dahh on Jul 29, 2017
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Every time I update my GPU drivers, I get the error.


Laptop Model: ASUS X555DG

GPU: R7 + R8 M350DX 2 GB


Built-in RAM: 8 GB

OS: Windows 10

X555DG | Laptops | ASUS Global


I may have wasted more than enough bandwidth and time to have it updated. However, every time I try to, it shows that error message.

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New (Code 43) => Old (Working)

Version: 22.19.662.4 =>

Date: 2017/7/20 => 2016/10/4


The only way that I have it working back is to manually update the R7 driver. Unfortunately, that also means that it installs an older version to both of them.

I apologize for the low specs, I only have a low-tier laptop but it has saved me more than a few times.


Here are the steps that I've did already:

- Updated drivers through auto detect

- Updated drivers through Device Manager

- Uninstalled driver through Device Manager

- Reinstalled drivers

- Fresh Install of Windows

- Reinstalled again cause I thought it's a software conflict from the previous one


I still encounter the issue. I would really appreciate if there are tips that you can provide me.


P.s. Already contacted ASUS support and the only thing they told me is to send my unit to their repair center. Which baffles me as this is only a software issue, not to mention that I'd go with no laptop for a few days (or weeks).


Antivirus before Fresh Install: Licensed NOD32

Firewall: Windows Firewall


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I am not really used to this site. However, is this thread related to my issue?

Re: The lack of Carrizo driver support is disappointing


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Link above is actually a year ago.

Tried updating with 17.7.2, patch notes says it's supported but still no dice