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Question asked by ambrose on Jul 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by ambrose

Good Day All,


Well I had some actual free-time today so I decided to take a look in my Computer Accs. Box. Hmmmmmm.......I seen it....... thought back at how pissed I was and still am actually at Dell. I grabbed it and decided just for Shtz & Giggles I'm going to bake My Radeon HD 7870, what's the worst that could happen, and it was only keeping all the other stuff held down in the box.


So I got my trusty mini tools set out and proceeded to take my 7870 apart, carefully I might add, actually pretty clean if I do say so myself but I was never one to ill use  my stuff, I guess that's why I am still wearing my old Con-V's from high school, man I love those Gums.


Anyway back to cooking, after I got all the needed prep done, I put my card in and Baked it for approx 10 mins, and waited for it to cool down, did all the needed prep and assembly, put it in my XPS not expecting much and HOLY CRAP!!!! it posted. Ergo I'm am able to view my AMD forums and write you this little note.


Who'da Thunk It,


I guess now the next question is how long will it last, and will it perform better then my Sapphire 260X OC edt, Well I suppose I'll still have the 260 and I know that one works. And Now My HD 7870 has got some life again. Hmmmmm...Think I'll have a Beer...Cheers All.


And Remember this thought, Never Give UP!!! Work Hard...Play Harder.