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Is MX-4 REALLY better than Artic Silver 5?

Question asked by stevae on Jul 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by gupsterg

I think it is, but would love to know what the consensus is. Also, what is the risk in using too much, versus not enough? I put more than the rice grain size, or pea size most advise for, because I have seen that it doesn't always go all the way to the sides, and can leave a big section uncovered. So I make a thin line all the way down each side, about 4mm inside, and then a pea sized dab right in the middle of the cpu. Most people will probably flame me for this, but my 1700 is oc'd almost an entire gig and stays under 78c running cinebench. So I'm open to hearing the pro's and con's of all of this. Thanks.