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    No Chill option in Global Wattman settings


      So I have a Sapphire Nitro R9 380x with latest drivers (17.7.2 no relive installed) and when going into the Global Wattman setting this is what I find (see attachment for screenshot)


      I know my GPU is supported but can't for the life of me figure out how to get chill enabled.  Do I need to reinstall? Maybe clean install? Install ReLive???

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          I have it in global graphics R9 390.

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            Make sure you are trying to install the driver version dated July 27.

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              It's not listed in WattMan anymore...


              Radeon Chill is now on the main tab...


              in Global Settings Radeon Chill is listed underneith Verticle Refresh...


              And when you activate it for Specific Games, it should be listed underneith


              Frame Rate Target Control...


              They moved it, it used to be in WattMan, but now it's not there anymore, it's under your Game Profiles now...

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                  I had the same problem (R9 290).

                  17.7.2 from July 26 without ReLive: No Chill anywhere.

                  17.7.2 from July 27 with ReLive: Chill appeared in Global Graphics.


                  So it's either the July 26 drivers that were borked, or Chill requires/is part of ReLive.

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                    I had a problem with no Chill activated or ReLive installed when I ran an incremental custom install of 17.7.2 using the update drivers tab on AMD Crimson ReLive 17.4.4. GUI. 
                    I had made sure to install all latest windows 10 update patches and run system checks before attempting the incremental update.

                    It seems that the incremental update is not working correctly in some situations.
                    I will be filing an AMD Reporting Form.

                    My system is i7-4790K with Dual R9 Nano's running Windows 10 64 Bit.


                    The Workaround for me was to to do the following:


                    1. Uninstall your existing driver using Windows 10 -> Programs -> Uninstall. then Reboot your PC.

                    2. Download and run the amdcleanuputility.exe, and reboot your PC.
                    3. Download and run the 17.7.2 Driver appropriate for your System (It will either be Windows 7 or Windows 10, as I see no Windows 8.1 driver yet.
                    4. In my case I downloaded and ran the following file: whql-win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-relive-17.7.2-july27.exe
                    5. Reboot my system and log in.


                    The 17.7.2 Driver now seems to be working fine for me overall so far on Windows 10. However the following features are missing for the R9 Nano's.


                    (1). No enhanced Sync option at all.
                    (2). Since 1 is missing - no min latency improvement either.
                    (3). No HBM Memory Overclocking or Underclocking enabled by default on the R9 Nano.

                    (4). No Windows 8.1 version of the 17.7.2 Drivers!


                    As for Radeon Chill Feature - Here is what you should see if you manage to get the installation to work correctly, the Min and Max FPS Targets for Chill
                    appear in the Profile Graphics Tab of your Game.





                    Whilst it is great to see Chill Support added for so many games, Chill with Crossfire on the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt needs serious  improvement.
                    That is a separate Post / Topic.


                    Hope this helps.

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