Avermedia RECentral + AMD drivers issues

Discussion created by tay on Jul 28, 2017
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(will add screenshots of anything if anyone need some)

Hi everyone.


I got some issues with my graphics card and the Avermedia RECentral software.

First off, let me list my hardware and drivers... :


Laptop : Acer Aspire E5-523G

Graphic Card : AMD Radeon R5 M430

OS : Windows 10 64-bits

Drivers Version :

     Working with : None (must uninstall to make RECentral work)

     Automatically installed (Windows Update) : 17.10

     Recommended : 17.7.2


The drivers doesn't work with any RECentral version whatsoever, I must uninstall them (I use DDU in Safe Mode for that) to get the RECentral window to pop up.

When I install them and open RECentral, I only see the icon in the taskbar, that window is transparent/non-existant. I tried re-installing both, restarting, tried all 3 drivers, etc... and still no positive results.


I would like to have the recommended (17.7.2) drivers installed along with Relive so I can make the Color Temperature right and simulate 1920x1080 and get the true colors I should get, since I am a GFX I need them. But I am also an editor, so I need to be able to record gameplay clips and cinematics, but I can't while the drivers are installed.


This forces me to install/uninstall/install/uninstall the drivers over and over and over again, which mean restarting the PC twice each time I uninstall, plus I lose all my settings for Relive, which is a complete pain in the *** in the end.


Is there any solution to this problem ?




Edited : added OS version