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    Anti-Aliasing problem RX 460 ddr5


      I have a problem with my amd board.

      In all games it seems as if the antialiasing filtering will not work resulting in teeth closing in the corners of the whole game

      I do not think it is a hardware problem and it is not the window since it reinstalls several times

      My computer is this:

      AMD FX(tm)-8300 eight-core processor 3.30 ghz

      RX 460 ddr5 4gb

      8 gb ram

      mother msi

      window 10 pro


      and this are pictures of how my games look like



      And that's how I see in all games if someone could help me

      Sin título.jpg

      that mi default config in radeon

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          Dead Space 2 doesn't support anti-aliasing in the traditional sense as it's a 100% differed renderer, you "might" get away with forcing supersampling but it may well break and or not provide the desired result. You can't force multisampling because the forced multisampler is a forward render system and the point at which it's forced into the pipeline with a differed render there's nothing to sample yet


          Best thing to do with this game is use MLAA from your control panel or use an SMAA or FXAA injector

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              Since crimson I haven't been able to apply AA in the driver whether it's enhance or override, it's very annoying as my friends with Nvidia have no issue overriding their game (IL-2 BOS) for instance or DCS 1.5 or 2.1 no game works.

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                For that reason I also gave the example of the rainbow, I also have problems with graphics.

                Edit: I did not say rainbow example , sorry



                Here are some photos





                And my configuration is the same as Pro players in youtube That use this configuration and they look very well, it may be that the resolution is also causing this? 1366x768 is my resolution