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Best old cpu which is good for light gaming?

Question asked by mobeen on Jul 28, 2017
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Hey guys I am new to AMD and I am process of buliding my first pc and first all AMD pc so I need your help because I have intel and geforce user and I think its time to experience what amd has to offer.


I am want to bulid super cheap amd pc which supports ddr 2 ram because I have ddr2 sticks which I will use. I also want to overclock the cpu since I am new to overclocking I need help deciding which amd cpu is few years old but good for light wait gaming and its not for games which came out in past 2 years to be played in high 1080p. This is a experimental build so I want to tinker.


If you can suggest me a good unlocked cpu and maybe a good motherboard which has overclocking supported then that will be great,