Vega 64 & 56 Prices Revealed, and they're not $800.

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AMD RX Vega price... show your workings


The scary maths, however, comes from the two monitors that have been used in the blind tests. The AMD machine is running an Asus MX34V FreeSync screen and the Nvidia PC an Asus PG348 G-Sync display. The FreeSync monitor costs $720 and the G-Sync panel retails for $1,300. The cheapest GTX 1080 I can find at the moment is this $510 Gigabyte version over at Newegg. So, with everything else being the same, we can discount the other component costs, making the total relevant price of the Nvidia machine $1,810 at best.


If the AMD rig is $300 cheaper, that puts it at $1,510. Which in turn means, if you do a little light algebra where X is the cost of the RX Vega, and we subtract the cost of the FreeSync monitor, you get a $790 sticker price for the AMD graphics card.


The same performance as a GTX 1080 for another $300-odd more? That’s going to be a mighty tough sell for AMD, no matter how much you want some HBM2 in your life. Though, of course, my maths could be entirely wrong...