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RX 580 Black screen when gaming PUBG

Question asked by prancinpwney on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by prancinpwney

First of all thanks for trying to help


Fresh build, everything new 2 weeks before the issue started

All drivers are updated through MSI software and Radeon software and Microsoft


I pretty much bought this thing just for playing Player Unknown's Battle Grounds and so far that's the only time I'm getting the black screen so I'm assuming its happening when the GPU is pushed hard for a while as it hasn't happened while just browsing the web


Was using a 27" no name monitor on HDMI and it was fine while gaming. 2 weeks later my MSI G27C shows up and OBVIOUSLY the first thing I'm going to do is try playing with Freesync enabled. BAM! Monitor turns black but audio and USB inputs are still working several times while gaming.



Windows 10

i7 7700k


SSD boot drive

2tb extra disk

MSI B250M Bazooka MS-7a70

8gb of ram

600w p/s


Let me know what to chase and I'll go for it. My first test is going to be playing PUBG with Freesync turned off


Edit: Okay it happened with freesync off also


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