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Lower Performance After Installing 17.7.2 In PUB - R9 390

Question asked by ccarle89 on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by amdmatt

I recently updated my R9 390 to 17.7.2. I immediately noticed when I played Player Unknown Battlegrounds my normal FPS of 80-144 was dropped to 1. I took 5 minutes through the lag to get into a game just too see if the gameplay was ok, but no it was literally 1 fps too. I tested Overwatch and everything seemed okay until I got into a team fight. My normal constant 144 fps would spike down to 30fps briefly until the battle was done and it would pop back to 144. I've never had it even dip below 144 in the past because I play on the lowest settings and have a beefy PC.



Some things to note. In Player Unknown Battleground I changed from Windowed Fullscreen to straight Fullscreen and it basically fixed my problem. FPS returned to 80+, but still never got over 100 which was odd. Overwatch playing in fullscreen or windowed made no difference, I still got the lag.


I did a clean uninstall, ran driver sweeper, updated windows to the fullest, disabled my antivirus and anything else recommend from a quick google search. Installed my drivers and still the same issue.


The biggest pain is that I can't roll back to 17.5 or 17.2 When I try to run these old patchers it instantly downloads the newest 17.7 and installs that. This has been a very frustrating few days so any help would be great. I'm ready to provide anything I can.


Attached is a DxDiag file if that helps at all.

R9 390
Windows 10 Home 64bit


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