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17.7.2 don't work on my laptop with amd apu + amd gpu

Question asked by robin4002 on Jul 27, 2017

I installed the last driver to test all news features, but unfortunately it does not seem to work.

My laptop is an Asus X550ui with a FX9830P and a RX460 4gb.

I tried different way to install it :

- first i installed it over my old installation (relive 17.4.3)

- as it did not work, i uninstalled the drivers, rebooted my computer and tried again. No change

- so I used DDU to purge everything in safe mode, no change :/
- and last thing I tired : I used DDU to remove the driver, then I clicked on "Set Windows Device Installation setting to default" in DDU, and I wait for the installation. Windows update has automatically installed the driver "" (the date is 04 October 2016), I rebooted the computer and after this I installed the driver 17.7.2. Still no change.


Here is what I get :


The message "Graphics" pop when I open Radeon setting, and the driver don't load, Windows only say that the device has a problem (code 43).
Both the integrated card and the dedicated card doesn't load, so the screen resolution is low (800 x 600).
As you can see I am on Windows 10, 64 bits, with the creator update (version 1703)



If you need any log file, just ask



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