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    APU a10 - 7860k - 17.7.2



      Since i build this machine in november / 2016, i can't use the newest driver.

      I'm stuck with 15.11.1, any other driver gives me a BSOD with thread stuck in device driver.

      The drivers prior 17.7.2 listed in knows issues " Radeon ReLive may fail to install on AMD APU Family products or experience a system hang" Even without the relive part installed i get a BSOD.

      Any help?, read this whole forum and have others like me with the same error.


      System specs:

      Processor: Amd A10-7860K

      Motherboard: ASRock FM2A55M-HD+ R2.0

      Gpu: R7 Series Integrated

      Memory: Crucial 2133Mhz 4GB x2

      HDD: Amd ssd 120GB R3SL120G

      PSU: EVGA 400w

      Windows 10 x64 15063.483

      Crimson 17.7.2



      Crash Dump and Dxdiag attached.