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AMD is getting its MoJo back!! Bigtime!!--I just wanted to say thanks--in my own way...;)

Question asked by waltc on Jul 27, 2017

I originally meant this to be far more technical and far less dramatic, but after only a few words had escaped I realized that this time I'd have some fun and wax poetic, melodramatic, and all the rest of it!  Suffice it to say I am delighted to see AMD on the comeback trail because the company proves that if you really try and you really believe you can really, really succeed in a major way--even if you are David facing Goliath!  AMD is what happens when companies believe in themselves and their products and in their people!  Dollar for dollar and pound for pound, to compete with behemoths in any industry a company needs  a whole lot more than *cash* to challenge the big dogs where they live--and beat them, too!...AMD is more than merely an American success story writ large--the company is an example of the kind of things that happen to companies too "stubborn" to worry unduly about their competition, and too "dumb" to worry more about the things they lack than to make good use of the things they have...!...;)


I popped on originally just to say a few nice things about this driver!...Every now and then it's a real pleasure to see a GPU driver that does so much more than make very empty boasts about speeding up the frame-rate of a few 75-year-old games running (released at the turn of the last century) in an "incredible," breath-taking,  panoramic  "True-Color Display" of Monochromatic 2-bit color depth @ the sweeping, god-like resolution of 10 pixels by 10 pixels (the old Postage-Stamp days!) at a whopping 88% improvement in frame rates over "last year's" splendid 5 pixel x 5-pixel displays...!  Yes, sir...No Detonator Driver release propaganda here for these splendid AMD GPU drivers, No, way and no how!..


Nope, these Crimsons are the Shape of Things to Come from AMD in the near future and just beyond!  I was delighted--more than elated--just to bask for a awhile in the understated new features of these latest Crimson drivers...!  Features like the redesigned brightness, contrast, Hue, Saturation and Color Temp controls AS WELL AS the retention of the very fine system-wide Gamma adjustments interface extension through the standard Windows10 interface--!!!-- are an improvement I had not imagined--I thought they'd maybe at some point reintroduce the internal driver color control settings while removing the access to the built-in Windows  adjustments.  I *like* what they did--best of all this represents the very last thing AMD had yet to bring over from the original .net-based Catalysts into the the new QT-coded composition-package Crimsons! There is also *much more* to talk about in the way of features &  accessibility in the new drivers that the older ones simply didn't have at all! I cannot wait to see what AMD has in mind for the Crimsons in the near future--should be an eye-ball bustin' 3d-gaming extravaganza machine running amok with unmatchable power, capability, and value just ahead...!...!  The tracks are clear, the weather is *fine* and the AMD juggernaut Technology Train is blazin' a truly Epic trail through the sleepy, monopoly-driven all-quiet and *very lazy* Intel summer night...;)  Heh--Heh...;) (It's all horribly verbose but it's fun!)


As the saying goes, true as any I have ever seen, ..."Good things *never* happen to those whose only thought is to stand and wait, hands palm-up to rake in the raining dough that falls from a monopoly sky like there is no tomorrow...from inside the pit of stagnant riches that is the former Intel technology monopoly pit made on the backs of both utter success and ultimate despair, believe it or not!  Melodramatic to be sure am I, but the dominant x86-based computer technologies of the next 50 years are preparing to ignite on all thrusters and rocket through the staid, corroded, Intel monopoly space-times of avarice and sloth--and leave it in tatters from the sheer power of its passage though!  The AMD engines are rumbling and preparing to blast into a bold new future with such gusto it will leave all observers gasping with incredulity and disbelief.  Prepare yourselves!  (I thought that last was especially catchy...;))  


The Tech for the AMD GPUs, the AMD CPUs, the drivers, the core-logic and the whole dominant AMD *platform* is at long last coming together in a powerful way and with a dynamic energy quotient I haven't seen demonstrated by AMD in many, many years--since the A64, in fact.   Perhaps in the scheme of all of this these new drivers are indeed very small affairs in and of  themselves, but it's what they represent--the "right stuff" that is coming in ever-stronger waves from the basic fabric of AMD atm that is so convincing to me.  If Su and her gang of exceptionally talented, hardworking and dedicated people can continue their present course I think there will be no stopping AMD!


So, AMD, from me to you, have fun, work hard, stay the course, innovate and stay ahead--never let up on the the R&D pedal to the medal, and royally *kick* Intel's fat and pimply derriere...!  (Er, I am *assuming* that last bit-- I really *don't know* what "Intel's  fat and pimply derriere looks like, of course.)