17.7.2 Freesync Borderless stutter Not Fixed?

Discussion created by yoshimatsu414 on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by yoshimatsu414

First I want to think you AMD for not releasing a driver that crashes my PC. I haven't been able to upgrade my drivers since 17.5.2 because other driver's have been crashing my PC after playing a game or even when just in google chrome. Since I've been using 17.7.2 today everything has been stable so far


One issue though. AMD Freesync stutter in borderless windowed program was claimed to be fixed in this new driver but that problem still persists.

I was playing ME Andromeda in borderless mode (I prefer to because I want to alt tab easily from it for steam chat and other things) and also Final Fantasy XIII I've noticed the stuttering issue is still there. When Freesync is off on monitor, that issue goes away.


Seems like the issue it still there somewhere, just wanted to let you guys at AMD know.