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Sluggish PC performance - FX9830 + RX 460

Question asked by bluzrok46 on Jul 27, 2017
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recently, I ran into performance issues with my PC. I first thought that it was the Graphics Drivers that caused the issue, so I reinstalled those. After reinstalling, the issues still persisted, so I decided I would restore my PC from a system image. So I did that, and I noticed that it only restored the partition of my OS, which is drive C. When I checked drive E, it was as if nothing had changed in it. Now, my steam games wont run at 60FPS at all, and I noticed that the temps do not reach as high as it would back then, clockspeeds and GPU usage was lower than it used to be.


Here are my system specs:

Asus X550iu

AMD FX 9830-P

AMD R7 Graphics + RX 460 2GB




Driver version 16.6 (only working driver for my PC accdg to Asus)


I'll also attach a DxDiag if that helps out with the issues.


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