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ReLive tab gone in 17.7.2 - R9 390 - Windows 7 64-bit

Question asked by bsoverdose on Jul 26, 2017
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So, I just installed the Crimson 17.7.2 and I'm surprised that the ReLive tab is nowhere to be found.


ReLive tab missing.png


I already did the steps found here. After that, here are the steps I tried, in this order:


  1. Ran AMD Clean Uninstall Utility.
  2. Rebooted PC.
  3. Ran DDU in Safe Mode.
  4. Deleted C:\AMD folder.
  5. Ran CCleaner
  6. Reinstalled 17.7.2, which I got from here.


I did the steps above twice, and the ReLive tab is still not there! I searched for other users who might be having this issue with 17.7.2 but seems to be none (for now?). All I found are some articles related to older Crimson drivers, which are having the same issue, like this, and this, and this, and this.


I don't see the amddvr64 file for me to manually run it, too. Besides, users should not be doing this workaround anyway.


No amddvr64.png


Any other users with the same problem?


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