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How to reset Wraith Spire Cooler

Question asked by cosmicluck on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by rebelyell

My title may not make sense at first but let me explain. I bought brand new computer parts to build a computer from scratch. I got a Ryzen 5 1500x and when I went to install it on the motherboard, I had a ton of trouble actually installing the cpu fan. I removed the brackets that came with the motherboard and when I went to screw in the screws they weren't really working. First problem was they were so far above the actual mounting points that they couldn't screw in no matter what I tried. I looked at a video, which showed the guy screwing backwards at first, hearing a click, then being able to screw opposite corners and finish off installation. My problem was, only 2 screws actually "popped" and were able to screw in place, which didn't really help me at all.


What I am wondering is:

- Is there a way to reset the mounting screws to factory setting.


Thank you for reading!