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My PC is running ridiculously slow please help

Question asked by omnivale_ytbe on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by rebelyell

i payed a good bit of money for my gaming rig and it performs far less than i expected


gpu-msi gaming X rx 470 4gb

cpu-AMD 8370 4.0ghz

mobo-ASrock 970 pro am3+ blablabla

memory-8gb ballistix 1600mhz

storage-Im not sure but i believe its a seagate 1 tb 7200rpm not sure how many GBp/s

psu-EVGA 600w 80+ bronze

my problem is it performs like garbage i get 10-20 fps in BO3 and 30-45 in gtav than i look up on youtube rx 470 amd 8370 GTAV benchmark and there getting 100s of frames its ridiculous

so im pretty mad, not only this but my gpu rgb lights will turn off and it dies than starts up and dies again i cant do anything without it screwing itself and giving me a blue screen-black screen i've had this pc for about 4 months and im fed up with this i'm about to rko this thing out my window PLZ HELP

(no virusus btw)