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    Asus Crosshair VI Hero: Beta UEFI 9920


      New beta UEFI 9920 for the C6H:




      * Improved DRAM cold boot, results in slightly longer POST time

      * Fix for CPU Ratio stuck at 22x on some CPUs when using Vcore override/offset

      * SenseMi Skew is now Disabled by default. If you want to return to previous behavior set SenseMi Skew = Enabled and Offset = 272.

      * Added DRAM profiles for Samsung B-based DIMMs with tuned subtimings, including The Stilt's settings


      Directly from Raja @ Asus (https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?91766-Crosshair-VI-Hero-UEFI-build-9920-amp-1403&p=663019&viewfull=1#post66301… )


      Don't expect Hynix (M-die) support anytime soon (at least on this platform) - this is also not going to change.