HD 7870 win 10 black screen

Discussion created by unky on Jul 25, 2017
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I don't think I'm the first to have a black screen problem when installing drivers.
My card works fine on basic windows graphics - all the ports work (I'm using it now).

It just blacks out half way through any driver installation, and black screens at the next boot too.
Win 10, HD 7870, FX6300, 8GB, Biostar TA970, 500W PSU
All other cards, including my HD5850 work fine.

A lot of people seem to have problems with windows 10 like this. Is it a hardware or software problem ?
Things I've tried

- older drivers

- removing conflicting nvidia drivers

- AMD driver removal tool

- linux (problems there too)

- workaround where you install from hardware manager


any help appreciated tnx