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Latest drivers cause EDID problems (Stereo Only)

Question asked by joecrow on Jul 25, 2017

I have an HTPC with an RX 460 2GB running on Win 10 x64 (1703) with HDMI  to a Denon x1200W AVR then on to an full HD TV. The Denon AVR is the default audio device in Windows and is set up for 5.1. After upgrading the drivers from 17.5.2 I started to have an intermittent problem where the audio would switch to stereo only 30-50% of the time, following a resume from sleep, the setting in windows is locked on stereo and cannot be changed without re-booting, an unacceptable nuisance. Re-installing the 17.5.2 drivers fixes the problem fully, these and all earlier drivers I have ever used with the RX 460 and formally older AMD GPUs have never shown this problem. I do appreciate that the underlying issue is most likely that EDID is detecting the stereo only TV rather than the AVR on their wake up on  resume from sleep, but what has changed with the recent drivers that is causing this and can it be corrected or is their a setting I need to change?