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B350 vs x370 and Benchmarking for testing..

Question asked by brucer on Jul 24, 2017
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Bought a ryzen 1700 last week, also got a msi b350 gaming pro carbon.. It has 10vrm on it, I take it as 8+2 power delivery?


Throughout the week I've been playing with overclocking..which right off the bat it was at 3.8ghz@1.3v.   I bumped my vcore to 1.35v and I'm now running at 3.9ghz consistently..Temperatures are fine, I'm running a corsair h110i..I'm also running gskill 3200mhz timings of 16-16-16-36 which is default and it runs at 3200mhz..


Where I'm running into issues is going from 3.8 to 3.9ghz with 3dmark, I get "Timestamp is not available so scores can not be validated"..  At the 3.8ghz it runs fine, actually ran great with very good scores when I go up to 3.9ghz is were I start getting the invalid scores with 3dmark..


What could cause this?  I'm thinking something with 3dmark or maybe the memory controller or something, the system is running very stable, games great, streams fantastic..



Would I be better off going to an x370 board? I got the b350 because I dont need to run dual gpu's at all and never will..