17.7.1 Crimson Relive Drivers not being saved after reboot?

Discussion created by lucentfir on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by kingfish

Every time I've shut down my PC and booted it back up again, I look at the current version of AMD Radeon Settings and it goes from the last installed 17.7.1, to one that's labeled '17.10.3211.1031-170704a-316027C-CrimsonReLive'. The problem with this is that it doesn't allow Relive recording software to function properly and records unusable clips(imagine a slideshow with the picture lasting 20+ seconds) . I can fix this by going into device manager and updating the driver of my GPU manually from the list, but after I shut down the computer, when i reboot it goes back to that 17.10.3211 driver version, I want to know if there's actually a way I can keep it on the 17.7.1 driver without having to go into device manager and updating it again everytime I power down my PC?