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    17.7.1 Crimson Relive Drivers not being saved after reboot?


      Every time I've shut down my PC and booted it back up again, I look at the current version of AMD Radeon Settings and it goes from the last installed 17.7.1, to one that's labeled '17.10.3211.1031-170704a-316027C-CrimsonReLive'. The problem with this is that it doesn't allow Relive recording software to function properly and records unusable clips(imagine a slideshow with the picture lasting 20+ seconds) . I can fix this by going into device manager and updating the driver of my GPU manually from the list, but after I shut down the computer, when i reboot it goes back to that 17.10.3211 driver version, I want to know if there's actually a way I can keep it on the 17.7.1 driver without having to go into device manager and updating it again everytime I power down my PC?