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    Vega Frontier Edition - 6 displays blink/lose signal


      I have been running a 6 screen machine for a while.

      I upgraded from a Fury X to a Vega, and have had nothing but problems. Seems it has a hard time driving six monitors at once. Monitors will blink (loose signal), or not recognize a signal.

      I have gone above and beyond to try and make this work.


      Things I've done;


      1) Obviously, I did a complete removal of the old driver (booting into safe mode) before installing the Vega Frontier edition.


      2) When my working setup stopped working with the vega (using displayport MST within the monitors to extend), I purchased a displayport MST box, thinking this would help. It didn't.

      3)I then moved half the monitors from displayport to HDMI, using displayport to HDMI converter. No matter the setup, I get EXACTLY the same issue; display's not recognized, display's flashing, and periodically, I will get a display that downrez's to 640x480.

      4) I've used CRU to check the EDID settings,

      5) I purchased a second Vega Frontier Edition thinking it might be a displayport problem. Exactly the same behavior.


      Please note, this is a workstation, not necessarily a gaming rig. Primary uses are Kolor (Gl accelerated 360 Video editing), Humaneyes (AR/VR editing) and other enterprise apps.




      I wiped the drivers, replaced the Frontier Edition with my old Fury X, and all the displays came right back up.

      Unless there is a driver update coming, or someone thinks I am doing something wrong, I plan on returning the Frontier Edition cards.


      The speed difference is amazing. Made me realize how slow my Fury X has become.  Should I go green?


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          fsadough may have info on that.

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            I have no info on your:

            1. OS
            2. Driver installed
            3. System info (motherboard, Bios version)
            4. DP-HDMI adapters and cables used
            5. Monitors make and model and how they are connected

            Vega FE is a brand new design with other system requirements than Fury-X. Even the DP version of Vega is not the same as your Fury-X card, hence the DP-HDMI adapters or DP-MST hub you were using for your Fury-X might not be suitable for VEGA. The System BIOS version of your motherboard might be good enough for Fury-X but not for VEGA FE. However, these are all assumptions, I need detailed info to tell you more

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                Hi fsadough!


                Thank you for the fast reply - yes, I need to provide more info;


                I have tried the card(s) on three different computers, with exactly the same results. I'll describe two, and maybe you can tell me which one I should focus my troubleshooting on.


                First computer:

                OS: Windows 10, version 1703 (creators edition) build 15063.483

                Driver installed: Vega Drivers 17.6 released 6/27/2017 (the only driver available for windows)

                Motherboard: ASRock X99 OC Formula/3.1

                Bios : 3.60 (released 6/01/2017 - latest available)

                CPU: 5930x stock (no overclock)

                power supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2, 80+ TITANIUM 1600W


                Second computer:

                OS: Same (Windows 10, version 1703 (creators edition) build 15063.483)

                Driver installed: Same (Vega Drivers 17.6 released 6/27/2017 (the only driver available for windows))

                Motherboard: SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SDV-TLN4F-O (workstation motherboard)

                Bios: tested under two bioses, as I flashed the latest, R 1.2a which came out two weeks ago

                CPU: Intel Xeon processor D-1541

                power supply: Corsair AX1500i 1500w


                The monitors I use are 6 identical Dell UltraSharp U2414H. Each of these has it's own MST hub in it to allow you to daisychain up to three screens.


                The original configuration I had, which was working with the old Fury X (and 290x before it) was two displayport cables out of the gpu, each connected to a screen which would daisychain two more screens. This has been working fine for quite a while.


                When I removed the furyx, and installed the VFE, I immediately started getting the blinking screens, and randomly, screens would just not turn on. I reduced the number of screens to 4, plugging each into an output of the VFE (3 displayport, one HDMI), all 4 worked reliably.


                I then systematically attempted to use the MST hub on each of the display's, hoping there was a combination where I could get the next two display up and running, without success.


                I then introduced a dedicated Club3d 3 port displayport MST hub. So, 3 screens plugged into the club3d hub, 2 more plugged in directly via displayport, and 1 plugged in via HDMI. Same exact issues, although I did notice that all three monitors connected to the club3d seemed to be reliable (no flickering, they would reliably be detected, etc...). Went through several iterations of moving displays on and off the dedicated hub and/or moving them the the HDMI port without any change in behavior.


                I then purchased a second club3d 3 port displayport MST hub. Once I introduced the second hub, I started getting exactly the same behavior with six screens connected. I should point out that when I have four screens connected, using any configuration (direct, via displayport hub, via hdmi hub) it's very reliable.


                I then purchased a dedicated startech 3 port displayport to HDMI hub, with exactly the same results (went through 16 different permutations of moving screens between hdmi / displayport, direct to GPU, or via hub)


                I then repeated all of this troubleshooting with a second frontier edition without success.

                I then repeated all of this again on computer #2 with the same results.


                Computer #3 is a linux server, and I guess all I will say is the VFE linux driver has more fundimental issues then getting 6 displays up and running.


                There are no other drivers I can test, nor are there other vega variants to test.


                I did get some periodic crazy edid info, in which it wouldn't read the display's properly (I have a registry dump via CRU), but I couldn't find a repeatable pattern that would make the GPU misread the edid.

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                Just a FYI for others reading this post.


                October arrived, and sure enough a new driver did too! I reinstalled my Vega FE, installed new drivers, and..... blinkiing screens. Issue has not been fixed. At this point, These cards have been sitting in storage for months, I'm giving up and going with a competing brand.