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Vega Frontier Edition - 6 displays blink/lose signal

Question asked by alexzogh on Jul 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2017 by alexzogh

I have been running a 6 screen machine for a while.

I upgraded from a Fury X to a Vega, and have had nothing but problems. Seems it has a hard time driving six monitors at once. Monitors will blink (loose signal), or not recognize a signal.

I have gone above and beyond to try and make this work.


Things I've done;


1) Obviously, I did a complete removal of the old driver (booting into safe mode) before installing the Vega Frontier edition.


2) When my working setup stopped working with the vega (using displayport MST within the monitors to extend), I purchased a displayport MST box, thinking this would help. It didn't.

3)I then moved half the monitors from displayport to HDMI, using displayport to HDMI converter. No matter the setup, I get EXACTLY the same issue; display's not recognized, display's flashing, and periodically, I will get a display that downrez's to 640x480.

4) I've used CRU to check the EDID settings,

5) I purchased a second Vega Frontier Edition thinking it might be a displayport problem. Exactly the same behavior.


Please note, this is a workstation, not necessarily a gaming rig. Primary uses are Kolor (Gl accelerated 360 Video editing), Humaneyes (AR/VR editing) and other enterprise apps.




I wiped the drivers, replaced the Frontier Edition with my old Fury X, and all the displays came right back up.

Unless there is a driver update coming, or someone thinks I am doing something wrong, I plan on returning the Frontier Edition cards.


The speed difference is amazing. Made me realize how slow my Fury X has become.  Should I go green?


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