S7150x2 certified configuration

Discussion created by jberger on Jul 24, 2017
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Someone have a good experience with S7150x2 card with VMware ESXI 6 and Horizon 7 ?


If yes, what is your configuration ? :

ESXI version + build

vCenter version + build

Drivers ESXi + Windows drivers version

Plugin for vCenter version


I have some issues with my configuration :

- Not good frame rate during the benchmark



I have 2 DELL R730 with ESXi 6.0.0 build 5572656 with vCenter 6.5

ESXi driver is : Radeon Pro VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0 Driver for Radeon Pro Settings for vSphere Client 1.02

vCenter Plugin is : Radeon Pro Settings for VMware vSphere Client Beta 1.01 (not working with 1.00 : the plugin can not find the hosts in the datacenter).

VMware Horizon 7.2

Guest OS : Windows 7 Pro SP1 with Radeon Pro Software Enterprise 17.Q2.1

Guest OS : Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB build 1607


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