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What software is needed for the Radeon 7870

Question asked by ireaperzxz on Jul 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by hardcoregames™

I just had to reset my PC and just found out that the Radeon 7870 is in legacy now and isn't supported.

I cannot find 7800 series under the download software and the only option I have is to auto detect, but downloading those drives causes my computer to go to black screen on next startup.

The only drives that I found to work are from this link - AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta for Non GCN Products Release Notes

I am not even sure if these drivers will work with any game support.

Is there anyway to figure out the drives and software I need in order to actually have the GPU usable again.


ASUS P8Z77-V Pro/Thunderbolt

Diamond AMD Radeon HD 7870

Intel i7-3770k

Corsair Vengence 2x8 ram

850W Thermaltake Smart M Series

Win-7 64bit Pro


Edit: I've downloaded multiple drivers that are "supported" for my GPU and none of them have worked. Having to try drives that are from July 2016.

17.7.1 - starts up with black screen

17.4.3 - starts up with black screen

17.4.4 - starts up with black screen

16.9.2 - starts up with black screen

16.7.3 - starts up with black screen then changes to green

16.3.2 - starts up with screen tearing, 30 seconds later the screen goes to solid color.


Background info -

I used to be on windows 10 before I reset my PC back to windows 7.

I had the same issue where I would enter into a game and overtime the screen would go to a solid color.

On 7/21 i was playing games perfectly without any issues

7/22 when I started my PC I had a weird graphical glitch where it would go to a solid color but then it went back to normal.

Later on in the day playing rainbow 6 siege is when it happened constantly. The first time it happened was an hour into playing. Reset my PC and it happened after 5 mins, the next 2 mins

Got off that game and went to play Rocket League to see if the issue happened there and it did.

Reset my PC and it loaded up to a black screen, and that is where I decided to reset back to Windows 7.



After updating a lot on Windows Updater, installing more drives and other software for motherboard including updating BIOS

I tried installing the Radeon ReLive 17.4.4 Drives

I did so and the same thing happened again, startup went to a black screen after showing ASUS and then the windows logo load and login screen was black

I decided I'm going to move my GPU over to another PCI slot, I did so while also switching the HDMI to DP to the other Display port

My monitor was off and when I turned it on, to my surprise I was at the login screen and was able to login perfectly fine.

An internet page loaded up that said Thank You for Installing Radeon Software, and at the bottom right of my screen it was telling me multiple drivers were successfully installed.

I got prompted that I had to restart, before I accepted I tried to open Radeon Settings just to confirm that it was working; it didn't open though.

I accepted the restart and once it started loading up again the login screen went to black.