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AMD r9 m290 and AMD Radeon HD 8650G

Question asked by decuns on Jul 23, 2017

Sinse a 3 year get past from day I buy my MSI GX60 3CC-401, and for first year and a half I was so exided with that laptop. I have finest fps in newest games and can play literaly in anything.

But after new year 2015-2016 AMD desided that AMD HD 8650G doesn't get any new updates, and from this moment my laptop has becaume complitly trash one, becose I can't update my discrete videocard, so months later my fps in games just dissapear. And all because i can't update r9 m290, only because my HD 8650g get conflicted with drivers for discrete one.
So I can't endure what any longer and I have questions: "How I can update my discrete r9 m290 now? Why I can't install just two of those drivers in particular for both videocards? AMD realy can't just develop som program for people like me and MANY owers with such tipe a problem?"

P.S. Such program can help in further too, and give us Insight that AMD, in fact, care of ther customers!