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FX 8350 randomly freeze in windows 10

Question asked by srwzxh on Jul 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by rebelyell

I recently bought a new FX 8350 (black edition) + ASRock 970m pro 3 MOBO, with 2 x 8GB ddr3 1866 ram, Asus 1050Ti. Windows 10 OS

MOBO bios version 1.60 (latest) and from ASRock website, FX 8350 is on the support list.


Now, my problem is system randomly freeze. It's totally random! Some random action like open an app, start to play a youtube video, etc may trigger this freeze. It's not often, but like once or twice per day.


I tried many solutions, like disable cool n quiet, disable c1e, disable c6, disable power management etc. no help.

I also tried manually set CPU speed at 200 x 20, with VID 1.35 - 1.375 - 1.4, no help.


I'm using corsair H55 cooling system, and cpu usage is only around 10-20%, CPU temp is around 50 - 60 degree, so it's not the problem with heat.


I tried OCCT test, to make CPU reach 100% usage, no errors and CPU's temp only 68 at max.


The only fishy thing I noticed is the actual Vcore voltage is always lower than VID.


For example, when I set VID at 1.35, the actual Vcore voltage is only 1.28. When I set VID at 1.4, the actual Vcore voltage is 1.35. Is there a problem here??


Also Vcore voltage is not stable, it jump high and low often (one friend told me it's because of cool n quiet and other power saving settings in bios).

I'm now using auto setting for all CPU related options in bios. Vcore value is between 0.9 - 1.425, is this normal?


This random freeze issue is really annoying, please help!