[REQ] Add more D3D control to ReLive drivers

Discussion created by elpusher on Jul 22, 2017

Hello fellow forum users.


I have the feeling this has been asked a lot of alredy but seeing it has not been implemented yet I am asking AMD a humble request.


Please add more control to D3D API under ReLive drivers. These drivers have improved a lot lately but are still beaten by nVidia's counterpart in the D3D control department.

What I mean is that there is still no way of forcing VSYNC ON from inside AMD drivers for instance. Those Vsync settings only seem to work for OpenGL which is rarely used nowadays (a pity).

nVidia's even has got its own REAL D3D9/D3D11 TRIPLE BUFFERING implementation called FAST SYNC. It would be nice to have something like this for AMD cards.


Best regards.


PS - I also have a nVidia card. I am very interested (and hyped) for VEGA, but ReLive lacking options is what is holding me back from getting VEGA when it is available (I have both a RX 480 [4GB] card and a GTX 1070 [8GB] one).