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    Ryzen+radeon performance gain?



      I would like to know if there is going to be any type of performance gain when combining an AMD Ryzen CPU with an AMD graphics card, like a kind of "meld" between the two for maximum optimization? Im not talking about an APU+GPU combo either. That would also be a good sales pitch, "Do the math, Ryzen +Radeon=no competition!".

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          Heard months ago, the AMD Ryzen processor has optimized its performance on the GPU connection, not only for AMD Radeon but also for the NVidia products. Currently, all Ryzen based processors do not integrate GPU, they are not APU, but highly integrated processor, especially with PCI Express logic integrated. Comparing against Hyper Transport(AM2+, AM3, AM3+) based platform, the combination of Ryzen and Radeon would gain performance improved obviously. For the strong redesigned Ryzen cores, it would also boost the performance when bringing the Radeon card from FM2(+) platform, or upgrading to the Ryzen core processor from early Bulldozer based AM4 processor.