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    RX 480 overheating and pc shutdown/throttling


      Hello, i have this 8 monthes old PC, my GPU is reaching +90c and pc shutting down from overheating while playing heavy games ( DOOM-AC Syndicate-ROTTR ), i've tried undervolting and tweaking in Wattman but that caused a heavy throttling and FPS drops and the temp was ~85 ( 80-89 ) and i even made the fans run 100% all time and the pc still shutdown from overheating, i've tried DDU'ing tons of time and it didn't work, i always have the latest GPU versions and i even tried older versions,no other things are overheating, i tried cleaning PC too and it didnt fix anything, is my GPU faulty? should i RMA it?, thanks


      ASUS STRIX 480 8GB OC

      Intel i5 6500

      ASUS H110M-K MOBO
      Seasonic S12II 620W