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Screen Fracturing problem fixed by relive

Question asked by rostelle on Jul 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2017 by rostelle

Firstly this is my first attempt to raise a discussion

Secondly I'm not quite sure what fracturing means. In my case I'm describing dots, lines and shapes (triangles, rectangles, rhomboids ...) of various colour very quickly imposing themselves then disappearing at various points on the screen.

I have been intermittently scouring the discussion topics since February this year trying to resolve this issue

I had been happily using an AMD Radeon HD 7900 for some time on a PC running Windows 10 Pro x64 - (currently 1607)

Asus Z170 PRO GAMING; Intel Core i7 6700; 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair DDR4 RAM; Samsung Syncmaster B2430;

Happens in a number of games, a few are - Titan Quest (AnnivEd) - Divinity 2 (DevCut) - Dragon Age (Origins)

Some time in February is when this started happening;

Due to different things I have read I had been trying to install older and older drivers (went back to 16.9.2)

Today I got a notification there was an AMD upgrade available so I thought bring it all right up to date and try again

Used the AMD radeon crimson relive application to make sure everything was as up to date as I could (Radeon 17.4.4)

This left me with a feature I had not seen before - relive

So I thought, I can capture the issue and then ask a sensible question

Set up relive; ran game; had lots of fracturing on screen; pressed relive toggle recording hotkey; all fracturing cleared immediately ???

Toggled relive recording again; lots of fracturing;

So I do still have an issue but with a workaround which leaves me with a big .mpg file to delete

I was hoping someone might say

"Oh relive forcibly turns on xxxx so that's obviously what you need to try"

As I said at the beginning this is a first attempt so if I've missed out essential details or should change the tags or anything else let me know

Thanks in advance