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recently had issues with the cmd prompt window kicking me to desktop while in game.  

Question asked by kaofinniric on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by ray_m

I have a radeon RX 460 OC 4G ddr5 (strix) graphics card.

I did research and was told i probably needed to update my graphics drivers. (i had 17.4.4 at the time)

So i checked through the radeon interface for drivers and saw that 17.7.1 was an available (optional update)  wish i had opted out

tried to install the newest update. 

was told that my files were corrupt and that i should uninstall and reinstall my graphics drivers.

tried to do that and now i'm down to graphic driver update 17.1.1

checked for available updates

both 17.4.4  and 17.7.1 were available

I tried for 17.4.4

I now recieve the message

the selected driver failed to detect the current configuration.

(now when i tried to find my graphics driver on amd's wonky website, i tried to find a way to even login to amd since i had registered my card and should have proper links to the proper drivers but noooooo it does'nt recognize me asked it to send password recovery to the only 2 emails i use and never received an email to change the password.. I just made a new  account.


ummm help please