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Jagged Edges,Terrible Anti Aliasing in Every Single Game

Question asked by thehope on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by thehope

Hey guys, My name is Umut.I'm from Turkey.Im here just to ask about this problem.I have asked about this issue on Turkish forums but nobody answered.So,here i am.A few months ago i got a PC,and a few days ago i bought a new GPU&PSU.But since install those parts in to my computer im having this ''jagged edges'' problem in almost every game i play.Before you tell,i'll tell you i tried almost every way to fix this issue but no,nothing has changed.

Here is my PC specs:

Intel Core i3 3220 3,30 GHZ CPU(No OC,has the original Intel cooler)

Sapphire RX 460 2 GB DX 12 Single Fan GPU(I put it to PCI Express port in the motherboard)

Gigabyte H61M S2P Rev 2.2 Motherboard(updated BIOS via Q Flash,its now has the latest update(2014)

Seagate SATA3 7200 RPM HDD(searched it double via hdtune,no bad sector etc.)

Corsair VS 450 PSU(12v=408 Watts)

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits(original)

LG 32MB25HM 32'' Full HD LED TV(works perfectly with my Xbox One,no stuttering,jagged edges nothing.)


I have tried;


Changing the HDMI cable,


Disabling the Internal intel hd 2500 graphics unit via bios(didnt work)


Changed AA,Supersampling,morphological filtering,Vsync and other setttings both in game and in Radeon Settings.


I have removed Intel hd graphics drivers&from the device manager(didnt work)


For example in this thread,


the OP found a solution by using SGSSAA.


There is a difference between picture;



I have tested old games and new games but its like Antialiasing doesnt work at all.I have seen people with 720p resolutions but they were playing without those issues.


I have tested;


American Truck Simulator,Rise of the Tomb Raider,Brutal Legend,Watch Dogs 2,GTA Episodes from Liberty City,Homefront 1 and few other games.


I have changed in game resolution,i have switched to SMAA,FXAA,Multisampling,Supersampling,AMD VSR,Gpu scaling but NOTHING Has Worked:( (((((((((((((


I also used Radeon Pro and SweetFX but nothing changed,there are still damn jagged edges,flickering issues on every game i play.


I have been searching internet about this issue,and didnt find a proper solution except Nvidia Inspector thing and SGSSAA solution,but unfortunately im using AMD.I have updated to latest Radeon Software.


Im begging you guys,please,can you help me?