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GPU crashing and turning games invisible?

Question asked by drpootis14 on Jul 20, 2017

For the past week and a half i've been having the oddest issue while gaming, this is seemingly triggered by me just playing the game and happening randomly, it has never happened unless I have a game running and actively playing it.

  1. My monitor freezes, audio repeats and sometimes distorts if its really bad
  2. The connection between my GPU and monitor cut out, my monitor basically going black and saying there is no DVI connection at all
  3. After about 10 seconds of no connection, everything goes back to normal except my game screen is either completely gone or white, I can still control the game just fine (pause, unpause, move around) but I simply cannot see the game, this mainly happens with semi-graphic intensive games (such as saints row IV, or nier:automata)


I've tried many things including

  • Turning down the graphics (only delays how long it takes until the crash)
  • resetting my computer
  • switching the PCIe slots on my motherboard
  • updating drivers (basically made it worse)
  • rolling back said updated drivers (barely helped)
  • cleaned my PC out

If anyone has any other suggestions of what I could do/any possible fixes please let me know!