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    Issues adding a third R9 295x2


      I'm working on a project to build a system with multiple Radeon R9 295x2's, however I'm having driver issues every time I add a third card.  Wasn't sure if this should go in Graphics or Drivers & Software, but here it is...


      System Specs:

      GPU: Radeon R9 295X2 (x3)

      Computer type: Desktop

      OS: Windows 10 64Bit

      GPU driver: Radeon Software Crimson Edition 17.7.1

      Monitor: HP 25" monitor, 1920x1080

      Motherboard: ASRock H81 Pro BTC

      BIOS: American Megatrends P1.20 (7/22/2014)

      CPU: Intel Celeron G1840

      Power Supply: LEPA B1000M (qty 2), Cosair CX750M (qty 1)

      RAM: 8B


      Each card is attached to it's own power supply.


      The system runs perfectly with 2 cards, seen to the system as 4 GPU's.  This is what happens when I add a third card:


      1. System boots fine
      2. Open Device Manager, see 2 additional GPU's, one normal, one with an exclamation point on in indicating an issue
      3. Screen blinks on a off a few times while Windows contemplates how to handle this new card.  I've learned to give Windows a few minutes to do this and not disturb it.
      4. The new cards disappear from Device Manager
      5. Go to Crimson Edition Relive to open and see if I can see the cards in there and I get this message:




      1. I then go to reinstall the driver (using the Minimal edition), after it unpacks I get this error message:



      I tried uninstalling the driver, and am unable to do that from the Control Panel. I have installed Device Driver Uninstaller and am able to remove the driver in safe mode.  I reboot, take the 3rd card out, reinstall the driver, shut down, add third card again, start up  and the same thing happens again.  I have tried this with different R9 295x2 cards and receive the same result.


      Any assistance with this issue is appreciated, I'm trying to install a total of 4 cards which will be 8 GPU's.