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    Relive only works when I turn other monitors off......


      Does not ReLive work with multi monitors enable from windows?

      I got it not working anyway...


      Watch this videos.

      Here is a video of how it should be: Working with 1 monitor on, and 2 monitors disable from windows on Vimeo

      Here is a video that show how it is when I have multi monitors enable in windows: Not working with 3 monitor enable in windows. on Vimeo


      It does not work with 2 monitors, I have try that to.

      X-Box GameDVR is disable, and Hyper-V is disable.

      I have try drivers: 17.5.2, 17.7.1


      How can i get ReLive to work with multimonitors enable?

      It has working before, like half year ago or so.


      My spec:

      Operating system: Windows 10 x64-bit.

      CPU: Intel i7 4790K.

      RAM: DDR3 16GB Corsair.

      Motherboard: Asus Z-97M-PLUS.

      Graphics: Sapphire Radeon R9 290.