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2 different R9 hardware crash after windows update

Question asked by thoringer on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by amdmatt

About a week ago, my son's R9 270X crashed in-game and Windows 10 could not load the Aero desktop anymore. Even clean install refused to load Aero - only boot screen was running, the. Hard crash. Since the hardware was already somewhat dated, I just wrote that off. Now, my computer with my R9 390X did exactly the same thing in Diablo III after I installed the new pre-release of the Win10 update. I can get into the repair menu and load low graphics settings, but the moment I start the AMD driver, I get a bluescreen (which ironically is now green) with the hint that the ATI driver crashed.

i suspect that there is a driver issue that kills hardware which now cost me at least $500 because someone dropped the ball at the certification of the driver.


Both crashed in games that were not very demanding and I wonder if that was a frame rate limiter bug that drove part of the card into an unsafe state. It was not in loading screens though - where a problem like this happened before - and my FPS is locked at 60FPS due to the monitor setup.


any suggestions? Problem is, I cannot replace the diver because loading an uncertified driver means I cannot turn off high res, hence system crashes and loading low res means I cannot install an uncertified driver. Catch 20.