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Radeon RX 480 PowerColor Red Devil 8GB multi monitor issue win7

Question asked by person7557 on Jul 18, 2017
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Radeon Software Version


Radeon Software Edition

Crimson ReLive

Windows Version

Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) (64 bit)

System Memory

16 GB (1333Mhz)

CPU Type

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz

Mobo ASUS P8Z68-V PRO (Nuvoton NCT6776F)

PSU 1000W BeQuiet Dark Power Pro


Asus VE278 via HMDI

Medion MD20888 (Connected via HDMI to Displayport converter)


I also am currently running with Multi monitor IGPU support in my bios.


Already tried: Increased frequency on GPU by 4%, increased memory to 2200MHz, increased power limit to max (30%), but also tried on stock settings and with 10% more power, always the same issue. The GPU is not overheating. Its not even reaching 60 or 70 degrees celcius.


Since i plugged the second one, just sitting on windows screen has heavy stuttering on both screens, they run at 59Hz refresh rate, both are 1080p, Just out of blue, making squares on the screen feels like a slide show. Sometimes under some heavier load (Video, browser + Game). I'v been already trying to lower the power input and also increasing it to the max, to 10%, overclocking it, downclocking, but nothing seems to help here, and i couldn't find anyone with this issue anywhere so far. I did full clear reinstallation couple of times already. with one screen, with both of them, and by that i mean going to safe mode, unstall hardware in dev manager, uninstall the drivers, restart, let him install hardware, restart, install drivers. Nothing helps.



Warframe running at DX11 is completly crashing the graphic card once MSA is on, if i avoid using That, it will run. No matter if dual monitor or single one. The prices went up on the GPU, and you cannot order another one for next 6 months. Should i RMA the card?


*Update* RMA'ed the Card. We'll see where it leads...

*Update* RMA came back negative, GPU is fully functional. So they say. Wat da fuq. Will try to run it Windows 10. If it will not solve the issue, then i'll just sell it.

*Update* Radeon Software Version 17.8.2, also changed few settings in bios, turned off EPU, turned off hardware acceleration for CPU (as its already 10y old and even win10 refused to install on it,  [bill dafuq mate]) and dual screen is still a no go, but hey, warframe is not crashing, so that's something. Gonna keep on digging.


*Update* Drivers Radeon Software Version 16.8.2 (Stock drivers for my powercolor red devil) resolved my issue with warframe, and dual screen lag is probally caused by 10y.o motherboard that does not support enough data transfer via PCI, the fastest (x4) PCI Express is unavaible due to PSU and Mid-tower case not fitting the DVI out of the box.


TL;DR Mobo is too slow for this card. Drivers are faulty? f#@k knows.