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Can't switch between intel and amd

Question asked by jppdamd on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by ray_m

Hello there.
It's been a while I'm asking to myself this crucial question:


"Why can't I just switch between my to graphic cards on my amd settings?"
Well, let's start from the beginning. I a have a Lenevo Think pad laptop, the e560 one, wich as 2 different card graphic, the Intel HD blabla 55000 and the Amd radeon R7 M265 (on the picture it's in french, so i translate it: Linked). Because of that I have infinites troubles to use some application, as photoshop and some games.
I feel like those two cards are kind of linked, just like if my intel can't read something because it's to bif for it, it's switching on the amd card. But it's not working. Photoshop is this king of application that u don't need to have a SUPER DEMONIAC laptop to work with.


So, is there any issue? Can i definitely switch on the amd one, to stop having days of slow work?


Thank you if answer, dude.


PS: Yes i'm french, my mistake if there's some frenglish in this topic.





Proof of my suffering work time: