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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse Green Screen/Freeze


      Hi, am here to report an issue i been having since 17.4.1 with my RX480 8GB and Dragon Ball Xenoverse. I been experiencing a green or gray screen that would completely freeze my PC's, needing to hard reset my PC's. It happen as soon as i run the game after 1-2 minutes or after playing for 30-40 minutes, it does so very randomly. I have tried my RX480 on two different systems, one with a Asus H110M-A with a Core i5 6500 and 8GB DDR4, and another with Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2-rev-31 and 6GB or DDR3. On both systems the issue is present, but it only happens exclusively to this title, "Dragon Ball Xenoverse1", becauce i can play GTA5, SkyrimSE, Doom or basically any other title and i can game for many hours. I initially thought it could be heat issues, but i been checking the Temps of the RX480 and it barely hits 66C when this happens, so it must be something within the Driver, i don`t remember this issue happening before Relive 17.3.2, and i am sure it started happening some where after 17.4.x drivers.


      System 1

      Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

      8GB RX-480M8BFA6 (With Stock 1288MHz)

      Intel Core i5 6500

      8GB DDR4 2133MHZ

      Asus H110M-A

      Speler Full HDTV 21" through HDMI1

      Relive 17.7.1


      System 2

      Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

      8GB RX-480M8BFA6 (With Stock 1288MHz)

      AMD PhenomII 965

      8GB DDR3 1333MHZ

      Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2-rev-31

      Old 17" LCD Monitor through DVI Adapter

      Relive 17.7.1


      Both systems no Overclock, all default settings.