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Overclocking is broken

Question asked by jmangz on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by rebelyell

Overclocking is broken. I have 1700 and x370 Taichi, but I'm reading other people have the same problem on different boards. I've tried three different things. Going with simple 3800ghz and 1.37v. I'm on latest BIOS and Windows 10, high powered setting.



1. I manually set frequency and voltage of CPU in BIOS to be higher, but when I boot into Windows it's stuck at 1.55ghz. It shows it as proper frequency in BIOS, but CPUZ and Ryzen Master show it as 1.55ghz.



2. If I leave voltage to Auto and change frequency only, my display doesn't turn on.



3. If I try to overclock in Ryzen Master, it just works until the computer reboots, then it's back to original settings. However, I get an error anyway. (



People are saying this is fixed with other mobo manufacturers



Does AMD have any idea when they will release a new AGESA to fix this?