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how to fix flickering r9 290 on windows 10

Question asked by jakke on Jul 18, 2017
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In my desktop, I have a Radeon R9 290 on Win 10 64bit which works well for a while, and then after a while of use starts annoyingly flickering with every change of screen (scrolling windows, moving windows, start menu, right-clicks to pop up context menu, etc). I've got a dual mirrored screen setup: my Samsung TV is connected on HDMI and my AOC monitor is connected via DVI and I'm using straight wires, no converters. The Samsung TV seems OK while this is happening on my monitor. If I'm playing a game, I don't have any issue, it's really only in desktop mode.
The only other thing is when I'm watching something on Kodi (only that program), I sometimes get a big black horizontal stripe right across the screen, sometimes bigger on 1 side than on another.

This started happening after the last big Windows 10 update. I've tried everything with regards to drivers, uninstall, reinstall completely, try an older driver, ... and I'm really out of ideas. There are 3 workarounds that I know of:

- rebooting

- disabling and re-enabling the device via device manager
- unplugging the DVI cable and plugging it back in.

Usually this solves the issue and rarely I really have to reboot.


Does anyone have any ideas what I can try next to fix this issue?