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    FPS Drops in any game with R9 Fury


      Hey, Everyone,


      i got the following problem for a few weeks now on this PC:


      - Radeon R9 Fury (not the Fury X)

      - Desktop PC

      - Windows 10 64bit (V.1703 - 15063.483)

      - Driver Crimson ReLive 17.7.1 (Problem existed with earlier versions as well)

      - 2 Screens: 1x Eizo at 1920x1080@60hz ; 1x Acer at 1920x1080@60hz(Pivot - Turned 90°)

      - MB: Asus Prime x370-Pro with BIOS Revision 0805;

      - CPU: AMD Ryzen 1700x(not overclocked)

      - PSU: BeQuiet 750W

      - RAM: 16GB


      The issue happens while playing any game. (For Example: Ark: Survival Evolved; Overwatch; Nier:Automata; Titanfall 2; Payday 2. But its not restricted to only those games!)


      After about 20-30 Minutes ingame the frames drop from ~60fps to around 5-10fps. After another 30 seconds or so, the game runs without any problem at 60fps. But after 1 hour or less, the fps drop again to 5-10fps for another 30 seconds. In this time, the Grafics Card "idles" and falls from 70°C to about 62°C.(Attachement; Screenshot while it happens with all technical information about the PC - the temperaturedrop is visible in the upper graph; dxdiag.txt also attached because why not)


      Troubleshooting so far:

      CPU; RAM; HDD;SSD are all OK. Temeratures are absolutely normal (grafics Card ~70°C; CPU ~ 57°C-60°C.)

      Drivers are up to date.

      The games are installed on one of the SSDs(with over 70GB free space).

      Deactivating Windows 10 Game Mode and uninstalling XBox Live Application did not solve the Problem.


      i would be grateful if someone knows the issue and can help me solve it.


      Best Regards


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            Thanks for the reponse.

            Even when is contains results for some search query i could probably had searched for myself if i took the time. Sorry for that, but thanks nevertheless.


            To the solutions givven:

            - Asus Tweak is not installed on my PC. I have the AI suite for the BIOS-Updates and other drivers for the MB, though. I dont think it does something with the driver - because it doesnt have those features. I set the Services of asus at manual starting option - so they can start if i need them.

            - A clean installation of the Driver is what i did, but obviously not thoroughtly. This time i did with the DDU.

            -The GPU goes successfull in idle and lowers the clock alright when outside a Game. Ingame it never lowers the clock. It stays at 1010mhz at all times, but the fps drops appear anyway. So i think i doesnt realy apply here. But thanks for the suggestion, i'll keep it in mind.


            I'll test the new configuration tomorrow and i'll respond here with the Results.



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                The posts I linked you to were supposed to represent the wide range of issues that were solved by getting rid of the third party apps....not that each applied to your post.

                I am not fond of "Optimizations"

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              I have the same issue, i dont have a solution but this problem appear at the same time that amd's drivers updated. You're not alone in this owful moment Y.Y

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                Back again after 1 hour of testing. Running ARK on same settings like ever and after 1 hour no Hangs and/or FPS drops.

                So the problem seems to be solved.


                What i did beforehand:

                - Uninstalling Catalyst with "Clean Uninstall" from "Programs and Features" in Control Panel.

                - Start Windows in Safemode. Uninstalling Drivers with the Display Driver Uninstaller tool.

                - Deactivating Asus Services: asComSvc; asHmComSvc; AsSysCtrlService.

                - Restart PC in normal Mode; Installing Catalyst 17.7.1

                - Testing Games.


                I also tried activating the Asus Services again to see, if the FPS-drops reappear. Strangely enough, they were gone for good. So maybe it was a catalyst problem? Probably.. but i'm not sure about that.


                Thanks again to Kingfish for the pointers. And yeh... "optimizations" often make things worse. I can relate.


                Best Regards


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