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vram frequency changes rapidly during game (GTA5)

Question asked by temeroleee on Jul 17, 2017
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I have a problem with my rig these days. For instance (random vga crashes, bsods and weird vram issue like "things" will be an other question probably ) my vga changes its vram frequency quite often if I play GTA5 in windowed mode. (specs will be below)

If I go under the surface for example (into the tunnels) my fps drops from ~110-150 to 1 every 0.5-1 sec which is VERY annoying. I've launched GPU-Z and set the refresh time to 0.1sec and I saw that the vram freq were constantly changing between 2000Mhz and 300Mhz.

(The reason why I'm using windowed mode is that I usually watch a youtube video or something else while I'm playing GTA 5.)


This problem also occurs in the game menu.

The game runs in 1280x768. No AA. most of the options are on very high settings.

The issue also a thing when the game is running in fullscreen (2560x1080) and I'm in the menu.


The rig:


CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K

MB: MSI Z270 Tomahawk Arctic

RAM: Hyperx 2400Mhz 2*8GB

VGA: MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8GB vga driver: 17.6.2. (The problem occurs with the previous drivers as well... sadly)

PSU: FSP Hyper 700 700W

SSD: Kingston V200+ 120GB

HDD: Hitachi 500GB, Seagate 2TB


My question is that how i can eliminate this issue?


Thank You for your help in advance!