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    Resolution Problems


      Hi! Dear guys  ! I hate my AMD video card because all time resolution 1600x1200 . Before i haven`t this problem but between 1 month i can`t decide its issue ! 2 Days ago i just open my computer take video card just clean her . She not was dirty just little bit and put in the computer and AMAZING ) its help Today i uninstall and install 100th times video drivers reboots computer maybe 20th times   it not help me . Before i reinstall my windows but its the same was not help / I search all google and can`t do anything with this i not know what need do . Please help me  i beg you !

      My card is HD6700 1GB

      My Processor is I3 3220 3.3GHz

      System Windows 10 64 Bit

      RAM 8 GB

      Desctop Samsung 21"

      If need you more info just answer me please and how it search