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    Two Firepro v7900  for Multi Monitor


      I have run multiple monitors for years for my business; 6-8 monitors on a systems. Always Nvidea. Currently using four cards running out of hdmi port and dvi port with hdmi adapter.  I am looking at switching to two firepro v79000's with hdmi adapter; ASUS x370 MB. Will I have any problems? My systems are pretty much plug and play with no tweaks needed.

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          Yes, you can use 2 x Firepro 7900 to get upto 8 monitors - running in individual or extended desktop mode.


          The only limitation is :


          • You cannot have all 8 in one Eyefinity config since each Eyefinity config is limited to one card
          • Each card supports 2 legacy connections and all remaining connections must use an ACTIVE DisplayPort adapter
            • So 2 monitors can be on passive DP to DVI and 2 need to be on ACTIVE DP to DVI
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