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      Well, to be truthful I got this silly idea into my head that I could build my own system, having only swapped some DDR3 and a GFX card in my previous system. So I came into a bit of cash and went for it. All the parts took a good 2 months to arrive, and I grew anxious as to whether I could actually pull it off. To cut a long story short I ordered 64GB of DDR4, and at present only 32GB are compatible. I still yet need to find a solution to this issue.





      CPUKaby Lake Core i7 7700K  4.2GHz
      CoolerArctic Freezer i11
      MotherboardMSI Z270 A Pro
      MemoryGSkill Ripjaws V Series 16GBx2 DDR4 3200MHz
      GraphicsSapphire AMD Radeon RX480 +Nitro 8GB GDDR5
      Disc Drive 1Intel 600p Series 512GB SSD M.2
      Disc Drive 2WD 4TB 7200rpm 64MB 6G/s SataIII
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUEVGA SuperNOVA G2 80PLUS Gold 850W
      CaseKolink Punisher
      MonitorSamsung C27F398
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          Have 32GB of the DDR4 in slots A2&B2, and I'm able to switch on XMP, and run the memory at 3200MHz. Tested the other 32GB of DDR4 a while back and they too work in slots A2&B2; however, today I tested all slots with all memory, all being in different configurations. But the only slots I can rely on for me to be able to post are A2&B2. No bent pins in slots A1&B1.

          I have read so many accounts recently on how the same memory incompatibilities are occurring with MSI's 200 series, but I'm sure it's just something simple I'm missing, (I'm Hoping).

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            Why do you need 64GB ram?

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                I originally bought 32GB ram and hesitated for a couple of weeks before further purchasing the other 32GB ram, before I had actually set up the system. I'd previously upgraded my XPS 8700 from 16GB DDR3 to 32GB DDR3, and had seen the system's performance improve. I was heavily influenced by this experience, and hoped to utilise what is available for the most economical and efficiency. There are no extreme tasks demanded on the system, apart from multi tasking. And with the working 32GB ram which is installed, there doesn't seem to be a problem. It may well be opulent for me to envisage my system running with 64GB of ram, but to be truthful kxuping, it is my first build and I had the money at the time. I'm thinking now that the system just isn't compatible with 64GB ram anyway, I have learned that especially with memory, it can be a testing affair.