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    System freezes when turning monitors on


      I have an RX 550 Series with software version 17.6.2.  I have a triple monitor (TV) setup and leave my system on all day but shut the monitors off when not in use.  When I turn the monitors back on, the whole system freezes and needs a hard shutdown.  This issue was present before version 17.6.2 as well.  Any ideas?

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          souns like an unhappy driver. whats your windows monitor timer for display set on? you could try turning off hpet in bios . if that dont work. can you just use the timer in windows to let monitors go into standby like normal. if none of this works . roll driver back to the one that worked.  most likely you would need to do a clean install of the old driver. if you do that


          you see every time you turn a monitor on and off it redetects all monitors , i would say thats rough on windows. but if it worked before roll back to the good driver.